10 problems every blogger can relate to

Whether you are a new blogger or an experienced blogger, you will relate to most of the obstacles/challenges here. I just wanted to let you know that  you’re not alone. Here are the 10 problems every blogger can relate to.  I can personally relate to all of them.. haha.

  • Fear of publishing – So you’ve written down what was in your mind and now it’s time to share it to the world. What will people think about my writing style, did I over-share, will anyone read, and what feedback will I get? I would say let someone close to you read your post before publishing it. If you don’t have anyone, please post your blog and let other bloggers give you their honest opinion. Learn as you go and apply anything you’ve learned on your next post.
  •  Poor Content Quality – This has happened to me and many bloggers out there so you’re not alone. It mostly happens with Images and videos. As long as you’re aware that Life is a learning process and you are content with not being perfect, you’ll be fine. Please learn as you go. I’ve had other bloggers give me a heads up on something they see is obviously not right. 
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  •  Stiff writing– This is for the story tellers out there. Loosen up on your writing unless you’re blogging for a boring company. The best tip I got from a really successful blogger was “Write the way you speak”. I was so skeptical at fist because English is my 3rd language and I wasn’t at the top of my English Language class but as soon as I took his advice, my writing felt so natural and I found out that readers actually respond to what I’m writing.
  •  Lack of audience– If you have strong social media networks, the best way is to promote your post on all your social media platforms. Engage with other bloggers either from your are or of your niche. Bloggers are generally so supportive of each other and they will be willing to share your content. You can also request to guest post on other blogs and allow guest posters on your blog.
  • Losing focus– I started a blog back in 2013. I got so many supportive followers and readers then companies started contacting me as an influencer as we all know. This threw me off my niche which was Travel and Fashion. I ended up accepting any product and taking any payments that came my way which turned into a full-time job that I wasn’t enjoying so in 2017 I decided to take a million steps back, shut it down completely, and find myself. I am now beginning with a clearer mindset.
  •  No more content– This will mostly happen after you’ve lost focus. If this happens, remember why you started blogging(was it to help other get through a tough time, was it to show people HOW TO, was it to share your genuine life struggles and success?). Research a lot about your blogging niche. I can’t stress enough on how important it is to follow and learn from other bloggers.
  •  Getting into it thinking that people actually care about you– I remember reading this somewhere and thinking, “HOW HARSH”. Well! it’s absolutely true. People care more about what you can teach them and how much they can learn from your blog post, outfit styling, video, et cetera.
  • Choosing a blog Niche– This is your blog topic. Is it Fashion, Travel, Cooking? Pick a niche that is so natural for you. If you love cooking and decide to show people how to cook, this will flow easily because you’ll genuinely enjoy what you’re sharing. Avoid getting side tracked by other bloggers niche. Mixing two or more is okay as long as you have a clear plan of how to incorporate them. If you run a travel blog you can then do features such as a blog post about staying at the Club Wyndham Bonnet Creek or if you run a fitness blog you can feature an article about staying healthy at Christmas.
  •  Consistency– YO! If you’re a beginner, don’t kill yourself over the problem above, you will be all over the place at first before really grabbing onto your niche. My tip is that you should relax and play around with your content in case you think you’re finding it hard to narrow down to one or two clear topics.
  •  Monetizing your blog– Almost every blogger I know started their blog as a hobby. If you’re struggling with monetizing your try reaching out to brands directly or join affiliate partners that I’ll be sharing soon.

Did I leave anything out? Would you like to give me some advice on my blog? If you’re a beginner Is there anything you need help with? As usual, drop your comments cause I love reading from you. You might also like 20 THINGS TO LEARN FOR FREE WHILE LOCKED INDOORS

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9 thoughts on “10 problems every blogger can relate to”

  1. I agree, there are so many reason to take care of when you are a blogger. Niche, content, motivation are just a top of it. Sometimes I feel like like I am running around in circles.

  2. Dalene Ekirapa

    I’m still struggling to build an audience since it’s not yet where I would want it to be. But I’m doing it. Anyway, I hate it when blogs lose focus! That’s why sometimes, you just need to lay back, stop posting and rethink your strategy.

  3. Yes, I agree with all your points. I believe that if you want to monetize your blog, then grow with the relevant type of followers right from the start/know your niche.

  4. I’ am very relate on this as blogger Consistency– is my main problem 🙁 but I”m still working on it I think I will improve this great article.

  5. Melanie williams

    These are very good points and yes every blogger has that moment of doubt. Be confident and produce good content would be my advice xx

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