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For those environmentally minded individuals who want to devote themselves to their passion, we are quite familiar with FREE work requests because most environmental organisations are Non profit but as much as we love volunteering, our bills won’t allow us to volunteer for a long time which drives many of us to take a job that doesn’t match our values just to earn a paycheck. This article introduces you to paying jobs in the environmental field which gives you an idea of where to look when trying to either look for an entry or advance career level in the environmental field. 

Some of these organizations are government agencies while others are private companies. The list also includes organizations that solely specialize in environmental positions. 
I will be updating this list every three months and adding more companies so keep an eye and save this post for future reference.

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Some of the companies that I currently have in mind are:  

A national environmental education and research center where finding jobs like Environmental Educator is as simple as checking their website for available positions. The majority of the positions offered by Confluencecenter require an advanced degree and related work experience. 

This is an organization that specializes in funding jobs and positions that are situated in the Bay Area (San Francisco, California), where it has local offices and projects. Savesfbay believes that strong local organizations make the world a better place and gives opportunities to project specialists, operation specialists, among other positions. 

Policy Innovation is a leading provider of environmental policy advice to all levels of government in the United States, and works with Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations, and civic groups to develop innovative solutions through its offices in Washington, D.C. They also have an open call section where you are allowed to drop your resume and cover letter for future positions.

This is a non profit organization that focuses on sustainable development, protecting the environment and improving quality of life in the Sacramento Valley and between San Francisco Bay to the Truckee River located in Northern California.

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Before we continue with paying jobs in the rest of the organisations, let’s see what positions to look for in environmental field. Depending on what you’ve studied, some of the common positions in this field are: Conservation biologist (Definitively a conservation biologist), Ethical Fashion Content writer, Aquatic biologist (Might not actually study aquatic biology, but focused on the environment), Landscape ecologist (Might not actually study landscape ecology, but focused on the environment), Environmental toxicologist, Environmental scientist, Environmental policy analyst, Environmental health professions, Conservation secretary, Environmental planner (including planning and environmental policy), Environmentally oriented chemical engineers, Manager of the Environment or Natural Resources Policy or Policy Coordinator month others.

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Other organisations are:

Specializes in funding jobs and positions of individuals who wish to take a step toward restoring the environment. Planetreimagined is looking for individuals who are interested in developing renewable biofuels along with positions like Environmental Technician and Environmental Engineer. 

is a waste watchdog that’s responsible for educating the public on waste issues, preventing future pollution and promoting recycling. They offer positions like Program Director and Environmental Program Manager 

Currently looking for individuals to fill the positions of Communications Director, Program Coordinator, and In-Kind Donations Manager. This is a non profit ethics and standards organization with a focus on helping companies reduce their environmental footprint.

Eli is an organization that offers education, advocacy and litigation to further their mission of protecting the environment and combating climate change. Eli is looking for development specialists to help create the next generation of renewable energy sources.

This is Canada’s largest food distributor. Because of the companies strong emphasis on sustainability, Loblaws is currently seeking a Sustainability Specialist and Environmental Compliance Officer.

This organization currently have the position of Communication associate and Internship cordinator. Earth advantage is a non profit foundation that focuses on helping partners develop innovative solutions to energy and resource conservation challenges.

As usual, thanks for reading and I hope this article will provide some insight to anyone who is interested in this growing field. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or thoughts. If we are not connected yet, let’s connect on my social pages below.

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