What is sustainable travel?

The best way to travel sustainably is to stay in one city and walk or ride a bike to your destinations but we’re adventurous creatures and we love to explore so the best thing we can do is try to be as sustainable as we can when traveling/travelling. But what is SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL? 

Sustainable travel also known as Eco tourism is tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs for visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities. 

The way most of us travel at the moment is simply not sustainable at all. I believe that we all have a role to play in creating responsible travel and tourism. We can’t live a fully sustainable lifestyle but the good news is that if millions of people try their best imperfectly, we will make a big difference.

How can you be a sustainable traveller? 

Respect human rights – Avoid any activity that exploits the locals especially children. The most common one is sex exploitation. 

Follow the famous term “Leave only footprints –  This term summarises the concept of not causing any environmental damage to the places we visit. Don’t leave any toxic substances behind that might negatively impact the environment of the place you’ve visited.

Use your trip to contribute to economic and social development – When purchasing souvenirs, purchase local handicrafts and products to support local economy using the principles of fair trade. 

Go digital – Stop printing booklets, boarding passes, tickets, booking confirmation, itinerary or maps, instead have digital copies.

Eat in different locally owned restaurants – Get out of your hotel for your meals. Eat in different local restaurants and mingle with the locals.

Buy from sustainable and ethical companies – According to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) travellers tips, we need to do a bit of online research and give preference to staying at places or buying only from companies that you know have sustainable practices and don’t harm the environment.

Watch your carbon footprint – Whenever you can, avoid using air travel. Try keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum.

Say no to single use plastic – Avoid single use plastic and pack for sustainable travel by carrying your own cutleries and eco friendly travel products.

Participate in wildlife conservation – Help protect the wildlife and support initiative that conserve wildlife.

Leave wild animals alone – Avoid supporting activities that involves animals in captivity. Avoid  Dolphinariums, Circus, Tiger Selfies, Wild hunting, Whale watching, Elephant riding, among others. Read about the dirty business of swimming with the Dolphins here.

Any other tips you would like me to add? Please leave them on the coment box below. Thank you for reading and as usual, I would love to connect with you on  my social media handles below.

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19 thoughts on “What is sustainable travel?”

  1. Thank you for sharing this.I just learned about sustainable lifestyle and was wondering how I can incorporate that into my travel life. I’m doing my Euro tour in 2021 and In order to minimise air travel, I can fly from Canada by air and use trains and buses around Europe when possible instead of flying to every country.

  2. I would emphasise on supporting local businesses. That’s why I always book breakfast only in hotels then eat local food in different restaurants.

  3. These are awesome tips, especially the aspect of respecting human right, that I find very important.

  4. Thank you for sharing the tips. I’d also mention about using public transport or walking where possible at your destination rather than using cabs or hiring cars, again to minimise carbon footprint

  5. Yes, I soo agree with this … mainly in this crazy time, when liberal play the global warming cards, but they promote traveling like a must.

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