What is Fast Fashion?

Have you ever asked yourself how such cute clothes are so CHEAP?

This is making Trendy clothes Quick, Cheap, and Disposable.

“Fast fashion retailers are able to look at the runway, make garments really quickly and put them to a see now buy now kind of environment” – Phillip Picardi

Why avoid FAST FASHION now?

  • The super-low prices of fast fashions may seem like a treat, but who’s really paying? There are roughly 40 million garment workers around the world today, and many face unsafe and unethical working conditions. More than 80% of the workers are women who work for long hours, on low wages, unprotected exposure to toxic chemicals, sexual harassment, discrimination, forced overtime, and lack of job security.
  • Cheap Quality – Fast fashion brands put out new clothing styles every week, this is a strategy deliberately designed to make customers feel like the clothes you bought last week are already off-trend and it’s time to buy something new when in real sense, they are cheap stuff specifically made to last for a very short period of time. 
  • Nearly half of the clothes you donated get exported to other countries to be resold but they end up in a landfill where they take anywhere between  6 months-80 years to break down.
  • The fast fashion industry is the second highest polluting industry in the world behind big oil.

If you’re interested in living a sustainable life and would like to avoid the fast fashion industry, we can take this journey together. Read Beginners Tips For Living A Sustainable Life. Thanks for stopping by as usual. Let’s connect on my social media pages below. 

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