Villa Casablanca by Kobe Suite Resort

Villa Casablanca in Watamu Kenya

Villa Casablanca in Watamu Kenya is a fully furnished coastal house by Kobe Suite Resort set in a tropical garden with private access to Garoda beach, Watamu.

My first time at Kobe was in 2021 where I shared with you my experience in one of their lovely suites and I have been hooked. When the resort announced on Instagram with a stunning photo that they had opened Villa Casablanca by Kobe Suite Resort, I knew I had to pay them another visit and take you guys with me. 

villa casablanca by kobe

Watch a little tour of the Villa here.

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Kobe has an exquisite taste when it comes to design and decor. It’s their gentle mix of minimalism and sophistication that grabs my attention every time. They focus on trying to bring in as much natural light as possible into their rooms which will impress any eco traveller knowing that we can save energy that we use unnecessarily during the day. 

villa casablanca kobe

Everything at Villa Casablanca by Kobe Suite Resort has a minimalistic approach without being too simple. The decor is well thought out with a warm touch of elegance on each piece.

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villa casablanca kobe
The space and amenities

Villa Casablanca is part of Kobe suite resort comfortably tucked with two other private villas. It’s a 300 square meters beautiful fully furnished coastal house set in a tropical garden with a pool and access to the breathtaking Garoda beach, Watamu. 

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It provides a fully equipped kitchen with a dining area and a cozy living room. The villa consists of 3 ensuite double bedrooms that can accommodate up to 6 adults. 

villa casablanca kobe
villa casablanca kobe
villa casablanca kobe

For your evening gatherings, outdoors tropical meals, or a silent chill after a swim, their outdoor veranda and dining area is a few steps away from the private swimming pool.

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villa casablanca kobe
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villa casablanca kobe
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Where to eat

You can either make your meals in their fully equipped kitchen, eat at the resort restaurant, or request private butler service.

Top things to love about Villa Casablanca

They do not use single-use shower amenities.

A few meters from the beach.

Interior decor and details.

I loved their big veranda and the private pool.

They preserve nature.

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  1. OOOhhhh! I love the place! We may not afford it at the moment because we are already planning a big family Safari but seeing your photos made me feel like I am there with you. Do you have any recommendations for a good safari trip for 2022? We are torn between Kenya and South Africa. Thanks for sharing and thanks in advance for the help you will provide towards our decision making.

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