Tribe Hotel, Nairobi Kenya

I’m currently spending my time in Kenya and I realised that I’m completely out of touch when it comes to Kenyan Travel, Fashion and Entertainment scene so I took a long break to explore it while also enjoying the tropical weather and checking out our hotels. Let’s start with this luxury hotel that kept me wondering if I should stay longer than the 3days I had requested. Tribe hotel, Nairobi Kenya is a modern luxury hotel with its unique touch of African essence. Their architecture, furnishing and drawings are all an inspiration from African heritage.


Location: Keep in mind that this hotel isn’t close to the airport. It’s not our one-night stopover hotel. You’ll need at least 2 nights to enjoy everything they have to offer. Tribe hotel is a few metres from The Village Market shopping and entertainment stop where you’ll find everything you need from grocery to souvenirs without visiting the crowded city center.

Staff: The staff in this hotel is genuinely kind and cheerful. They were always ready to help in every possible way. 

Rooms: Their rooms are thoughtfully designed, clean and not too crowded with unnecessary furniture. My room had everything I needed in the right place. Again, the rooms will give you that African luxury feel. They are so spacious with a tub almost next to your bed. I had a comfortable mattress with a selection of pillows. 

Pool: The hotel pool is stylish and fits the design. During my stay, the pool area was always busy with business meetings around the area which made me feel a bit awkward so I only used the pool ones.

Highlights and lows: I loved the location, amazing staff, super clean, spacious and comfortable room, great breakfast, and beautiful decoration. The downside I would say was the fact that the sauna and steam were out of order during my stay. The pool area is near a restaurant where I noticed that a lot of businessmen and women held their meetings quite often. This made me feel a bit uncomfortable hanging out with my cocktails and bikini while people around me are in suits… haha. 

My overall experience was fantastic and I would stay in this hotel again.

Would you stay here? Thanks for checking. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below. Read more on travel here Let’s connect on my social media handles below.

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18 thoughts on “Tribe Hotel, Nairobi Kenya”

  1. I have always wanted to visit Kenya and Tanzania. This hotel looks gorgeous! I love the room decor. Re the swimming pool, I also don’t think I would like the fact that business people are meeting close to the pool.

  2. I was supposed to stay here early this year but the distance from where I wanted to hang around was too far. I love the hotel and the decor just sad you couldn’t be able to use all their amenities.

  3. Tribe Hotel Nairobi is such a keeper, I love how raw your photos are, it’s so beautiful there and it makes me pack my bags and stay in that hotel. I’ll surely save this one! Nice review anyway!

  4. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    I think 2 days would not be enough for me. I’d like to stay there for a week! The room is lovely and the bed looks like it will give me a really restful sleep. I love the pool area too. So relaxing!

  5. This is a luxurious hotel. One of my coworkers is from Kenya and she has invited me, maybe I would go with her and visit the hote.

  6. The hotel looks so modern, I would definitely stay here. I can imagine relaxing in that gorgeous big bath after a long day of sightseeing.

  7. Heck yeah! I’ve been to the Tribe Hotel and what I loved most is the serene location, really amazing rooms and delicacies. Be sure to enjoy your time there. Above all, welcome to my home country, Kenya!

  8. This place looks really nice and adequate. Happy to know that they have a tub and it’s clean. Glad that you had a fantastic experience. We would definitely love to stay here in case we’ll travel to Kenya.

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