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Ever wanted to try surfing but not into the whole sea waves situation or are you in Prague and still want to experience surfing? My best spot was Surf Arena Prague. These guys will teach you how to surf from scratch. I had so much fun and withing a few minutes, I could at least balance on the waves.

Disclosure: This post is a collaboration with Surf Arena Prague who gave me free surf lessons. 

Location: It’s in Prague, Czech Republic(Yup, Prague is not only known for good beer and beautiful women). I was also surprised that you can surf here. It’s easily accessible using public transport and parking is not an issue if you decide to drive. The address is  Tupolevova 772, 199 00 Praha 18.

When hunger strikes: I don’t remember seeing a restaurant here but there’s a coffee shop and a good bar for quenching your thirst. I had my dinner at a mall just a few metres from the surf area.

Highlights and lows: My best part was showing up as a complete beginner and finally being able to balance on a surf board. Another highlight is the very friendly surf instructors. 

There were no lows or dislikes here because time goes so fast when you’re having fun.

This video explains in details how your typical day at Surf Arena might look.

Charges: I would suggest checking their website for discounts and off-peak deals. They also host events.

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11 thoughts on “Surf Arena Prague”

  1. this looks like so much fun; and the perfect way to get over any fears of surfing .. being in the bay area in california, we have lots of great surfing spots.. some of the major surfing spots, i should say and we love watching the surfers when we do visit the beaches..maybe sometime in the future, we will do a bit too

  2. Wow I would never think Prague to have a surf place! That’s awesome that you can do it there. I feel like it would be easier and less intimidating to learn in a place like this as well.

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