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If you’re looking for a hotel near both Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Wilson Airport in Nairobi, then your best hotel is The Boma Hotel Nairobi. I was here a few weeks ago and my stay was amazing. We stayed here because we had to take a flight to Mombasa in a few days and didn’t want to deal with the Nairobi traffic but still needed a luxury feel. 

Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration with The Boma Hotel. 

This lobby created a conversation on my instagram page because of how stunning it looks. There’s a little cafe at the lobby.

Location: It’s less than 15min drive from the airport. Boma is near a residential area which means you can easily get public transport to the city centre. It’s a walking distance to Capital Center Mall where you can grab your groceries and even shop for souvenirs. 

The rooms are so spacious with all the amenities you might need during your stay. 

I had the chance to enjoy the presidential suit which in my opinion needs more than one night stay because there’s so much to experience. You could stay inside the room for days and have all you need under one roof. Here are some pictures of the presidential suit that comes with it’s own Kitchen, A jacuzzi, Walk in closet, Sauna, and steam room.

If you’re not a fan of the presidential suit, they also have normal suits. I have stayed in standard hotel rooms in different continents of the world over the years and I would comfortably categorise this as one of the spacious ones. 

The interior is so comforting and homely. Here are some pictures of the standard room.  

Below is the view from above and a buffet restaurant in the hotel.

They have another restaurant open to the public with delicious meal. To read about the restaurant, check Tembo Restaurant Nairobi.

If you follow my travel journey, you know that I’m always looking for hotels with a Swimming pool, Spa and Gym and Boma Hotel did not disappoint. As much as you want to stay close to the airport, you still want your comfort. 

Would you stay here? Thanks for checking. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below. Read more here Let’s connect on my social media handles below.

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