Travel is a big part of our lives and for those of us trying to live a sustainable lifestyle without compromising on what we love, the best we can do is make small changes where we can. My travel bags were due for replacement and this new Sustainable Travel Bag is by PROJECTKIN

Before I dive into details, don’t you just love brands that try to offer support in times of crisis? Currently, 50% of all PROJECTKIN earnings is donated to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for World Health Organization to combat the Coronavirus. This means you’ll be paying half the price and donating the other half.

Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration with ProjectKin who kindly gifted me the KIN WEEKEND bag. 


As part of my shift to sustainable fashion and travel, I have to find ways to be mindful of my impact to the environment. Projectkin wants to create better alternatives for the mindful traveller. Materials used to make their timeless pieces are natural hemp, vegetable tanned leather,  flax, and biodegradable plastics. If you are a responsible traveller or on a journey to becoming one, have a look at the travel goods from PROJECTKIN TRAVEL. 

My timeless KIN WEEKEND bag is made from hemp & vegetable-tanned leather and is designed by award-winning designer Thomas Bentzen.


The KIN WEEKEND bag arrived in a plastic free packaging down to little details like hangtags.


You will agree with me that the quality is immaculate just by looking at my raw and clear iPhone pictures that brings out the detailed finishing of the Kin Weekend travel bag. It’s a stylish bag that carries everything you need for that weekend trip. I love that I can choose to cary it either by using the shoulder handle which is pretty much like a backpack or the long strap for better manoeuvrability. It has two big pockets outside and three big pockets inside. 

To see more from their collection, visit or follow them on instagram.

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10 thoughts on “SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL BAG BY projectkin”

  1. A great looking bag, very smart. And even better that they are donating half the proceeds to charity. Excellent.

    1. Belinda Smetana

      It is functional. Feels strong as well and judging from the materials used to make it, It should be durable.

  2. What a beautiful bag! And more beautiful knowing that it is sustainable! I wish they had a backpack though because I’m always using both my hands which makes me a backpack guy.

  3. Very informative. I learned something new today. I checked their website but they don’t have backpacks or the small travel waist pouches. I don’t think I’ll be comfortable traveling with this particular style though the quality is impeccable just by looking at the pictures. I prefer backpacks.

  4. I support sustainable fashion and have tried to shift to using them two years ago. That, and quality too! I would love to try projectkin, I like that it’s functional and the design is simple yet elegant (and nothing too flashy). Thank you for this review!

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