Sustainable spring wardrobe tips

It’s a new season and everywhere we look the fashion industry is trying to convince us that we need new clothes. I agree to some extent that we need new clothes because I wouldn’t be expected to wear my heavy winter jacket or winter stocking in spring. What I have decided to do as a beginner in this sustainable lifestyle is to build a sustainable spring closet. Let’s see how to do that in 5 simple steps. 

Swap and buy second hand – Take the clothes you feel like you don’t need any more to a swap event. Swap events are becoming more popular because as I always say, more people are becoming aware and are willing to participate in the change. You can also buy second hand clothes if you really need something different in your closet and you can’t find it in the swap event.

Repair your old clothes – Don’t get rid of clothes simply because they are torn a little bit. Try to mend and repair the clothes you still love. 

Pick Quality over Quantity – Instead of owning hundreds of cheap quality clothes, go for few clothes from good quality brands. This will help you define your style and spend way less on shopping. Don’t be side tracked by the SALE sign in every store.

Take care of your clothes – Handle the clothes you already have with care. If you are in the same situation as me where more than half of your closet is still from the fast fashion brands like Zara, don’t throw them away. Take good care of the clothes you already have until you can’t wear them any more. Wash them less often and follow the care instructions on your clothes when handling them.

Buy from Sustainable Clothing brands – Some brands with good quality clothes are; JAN ‘N JUNEMinuitAshoka ParisShoptreen among others.

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