Sustainable Fashion Terms You Should Know

Hello again sustainable fashion lovers, this week we will be looking at some sustainable fashion terms you should know. 

How is your sustainable fashion journey so far? If you haven’t joined, it’s so easy to begin your journey. I created some very easy to follow instructions on 5 steps towards sustainable fashion on a budget and Beginners Tips For Living A Sustainable Lifestyle. Please have a look when you can.

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If you’re already in the sustainable fashion space, you must be familiar with most of these terms. If not, this is the best time to familiarise yourself with these words because they are often used in the world of Sustainable Fashion.


This is the act of portraying that an organisations product is environmental friendly for the sake of marketing. Read more on the  7 sins of Greenwashing

Clossing the loop
This is creating a systems to recirculate materials after use. A material or a products end of life is considered during its creation.
Zero waste 

A design approach that eliminates fabric waste. It uses the width of the cloth as the space to design the pattern pieces of a garment.

Conscious Fashion

Sourcing fashion items with less to no negative impact to the environment. This term is making headlines everywhere including being used as a marketing buzzword by fast fashion brands. 


This is a new term. It’s when an institution, corporate, or an individual jumps on social movements to increase their sales but still cause harm to the environment and marginalised communities. Read more on

Fast Fashion

Producing the newest trends as fast as possible. More details on What is Fast Fashion?

Slow Fashion

The opposite of fast fashion which means a more mindful way of shopping which prioritizes people and and the planet. 


This is a campaign started by Remake World in order to hold brands who cancelled and refused to pay their garment workers last minute accountable. More details on the PAYUP PETITION

Biodegradable materials
These are materials that can either be broken down to simpler substances or can completely break down to minerals through natural processes.
Ethically Made
This is when a company pays attention to how their product is made including following up on their supply chain to ensure that there is no use of  child labour, no modern day slavery, fair trade practices are adopted, good working conditions for the workers, and the materials are outsources with respect to the environment and its natural resources.
Transforming a used product that’s considered undesirable into a new useful object with the aim of extending its lifespan.
Did I leave any important terms out?  If I did, please add it in the comment box below and I will update this post.
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20 thoughts on “Sustainable Fashion Terms You Should Know”

    1. Wokewashing is quite new and makes so much sense especially if you follow up closely on the brands that support movements blindly

  1. Most of these terms made sense to me but I had definitely never heard of Wokewashing before. Guess blindly marketing on social media can come at a price for those that don’t think about the potential flow-on effects.

  2. Wow!! This was actually really interesting and I’ve never heard of half of these fashion terms. I’m definitely going to start keeping my eye out now for them as I think this is important. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I have not heard of wokewashing until now!! Definitely going to look out and know more about these sustainable terms. Thank you so much for sharing this as I learnt something new.

  4. I’m starting to get more conscious about how my actions affect the environment and how I can preserve it. My problem with the whole sustainable fashion thing is that everything marked sustainable or eco friendly is just way to expensive for me to even look at. How do I become more conscious of my choices when conscious means going out of your means? I love your blog by the way Belinda.

  5. Blair Villanueva

    There are still lots of brands who are doing greenwashing, and their PR and marketing team are just too clever to hide greenwashing behind, especially when their main market doesn’t even know the word. But here is what I understand – being eco-friendly doesn’t mean cheap. It is usually expensive.

  6. I did not know about most of these terms and I have learned so much from reading your informative post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. We are all learning together Crickette. Thank you for stopping by and I’m glad you learned something new here.

  7. I didn’t think woke washing was actually a thing. I have mentioned to my fiance before that some companies jump on the bandwagon but really add no value to the cause. I learned a new word today.

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