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Hello sustainable fashion lovers. We have explored how to transition to sustainable fashion by swapping, shopping vintage and now we’ll start looking at some stylish sustainable brands. Some of you aren’t comfortable wearing second hand clothes, I personally have a friend who can never wear pre-owned clothes and I understand him because he has some special allergic reaction. That’s why I have been looking around for the best sustainable fashion brands to share with you. 

Fouremme is a new sustainable womenswear brand owned by four Italian sisters who are based in London (let’s clap for women empowerment). They believe in creating clothes that are responsible, thoughtful and sustainable. 

My favourite pick was the Lauryn dress which was made on-demand.

Sustainable fashion brand

Your order will arrive with care in this plant based biodegradable bag which you can re-use.

The Collection

Their dresses are simple, versatile and timeless. Each dress comes in different colors and can be custom made according to your request. 

My dress

The quality of my Lauryn dress shines through and feels so good on the skin. It’s made from Lyocell which is a low-impact fibre and can be considered sustainable if derived from sustainably managed forests which requires less chemical processing and doesn’t result in chemically-laden waste water. The finished textile also does not require bleaching and can be coloured using low-impact dying processes. 

The brand carefully handpicks manufacturers that are committed to sustainable growth by applying methods that are as environment-friendly as possible and contributing to the circular economy in textiles. Their suppliers are Lebenskleidung and CandianiDenim. 

sustainable fashion blogger

Fouremme promotes fashion as a way of feeling good, beautiful and comfortable, while keeping sustainability at the core of everything they do. 

Read more on their website Follow them on instagram @_fouremme_.

Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration with Fouremme who kindly gifted me this beautiful dress. The opinion expressed here are my own after wearing and loving the dress.

Thanks for stopping by. If you have a favourite sustainable brand you would like to suggest, please drop a comment in the box below and I will check it out. 

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18 thoughts on “Sustainable Fashion Brand: Fouremme”

  1. Rachel Peterson

    I’m one of the people who can’t wear pre–owned clothes. I’ve been shopping from a few sustainable brands but they aren’t stylish. This specific dress is beautiful and looks so classy on you.

  2. I am new to sustainable lifestyle and found your post via pinterest. Still collecting useful information and checking out which brands are fully sustainable. Any mens wear brands you can recommend?

    1. Belinda Smetana

      I still don’t have any in mind but I’ll leave this open to anyone who wants to share their favourite sustainable menswear brands.

  3. This is a great, important post. Besides the fact that we all should consume less, when we do it, we should at least make sure to shop for sustainable fashion brands.

  4. Absolutely love this blue dress, sophisticated in its simplicity. And so great to see that more and more in this industry are moving towards sustainability.

  5. Tracy @ Cleland Clan

    Your dress is so cute! I love the Evie dress too–I wish the dresses were a little longer though.

  6. Rhea Evangelista

    Nice! I love this collection. the package is really eco friendly and not to many fuzz. The garment seems soft too.

  7. That dress looks really nice but I think people consider prices too when it comes to clothing and sizes may be a problem. I like how you clearly explain the fabric which is something most people don’t know backs up the price.

  8. Im hearing about sustainable fashion a lot, I need to really get educated in this so i can make better choice for my family! The dress itself is really pretty though.

  9. The Febe dress looks like something that I would wear. It’s simple yet elegant and chic! And you’re slayin’ that Lauryn dress!

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