RIVA Beach Restaurant

I found one more beach club in Dubai. The restaurant is chic/elegant but the weather was so beautiful that we spent the whole time outside. 

Location: This beach club is located in the famous Palm Jumeirah. The only convenient way to get here would be driving yourself or getting a taxi. Parking was available though we had to park a few metres away from the entrance.

Restaurant: The drinks menu was my favourite. You have to try their pineapple juice. I promise to start taking pictures of my food and drinks whenever I’m writing about a restaurant.

Activities: I would lay on the beach the whole day if the weather is nice(which in Dubai’s case is winter). If you’re looking for something else, they have wake boarding and a gym. 

Highlights and lows: I loved the view when you are in the pool and when on the beach. What turned me off about the place was the changing room which I think was under construction. 

How affordable? A day pass will cost you around 100AED-150AED. They also have passes like weekly, monthly, and Annual pass. You can find full details on riva-beach.com

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9 thoughts on “RIVA Beach Restaurant”

  1. I just love beach hotels! And Riva Beach is no exception! It look so beautiful especially in the interiors: the hues, the marble finishes and the whole setup is just amazing!

  2. Melanie williams

    Don’t you just love a good beach front hotel! Looks like you had a fab stay and a brilliant time for sure xx

  3. What a beautiful resort! Looks so neat and clean. I loved the view so after reading your review I would love to experience there.

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