Prague says goodbye to Coronavirus with dinner on charles bridge

Prague says goodbye to coronavirus with dinner on Charles bridge on the 30th of July. This event will go down in made history because the table was 515m long and hosted 2000 guests. The event was free to attend. In order to keep the count, all you had to do was register. This is the biggest potluck I have ever seen in my life. I remember getting happiness chills while walking from one end of the bridge to the other.

Most people insist that this is a call for the second wave of COVID-19. Whether they are right or wrong, we will reminisce on that one day we made our own food and sat on a dinner table on Charles Bridge. Enjoy the photos and videos. 


Thanks for stopping by. What’s your opinion on this? Is it too soon to celebrate or was it a good idea to hold this event cause we might never get the chance to do it again once the boarders open? 

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