Please sign the PAYUP PETITION

Today I would like you to help urgently. Please sign the #PayUp Petition by

According to, Since the arrival of Covid-19, over $3 billion worth of orders have been cancelled or paused. 

I was born and raised in a 3rd world country so I know that cancelled orders means no food on the table for the garment workers. These factory workers don’t have the luxury to sign up for welfare programs whenever they don’t have money for their next meal. They also don’t have proper system that allows them to speak up. 

In today’s world where people expect recognition for offering a helping hand, people follow their deeds with cameras to update their CSR portfolios and beef up social media timelines, people are award winners, and everyone is nominated for some award or verified by someone, I dare you to speak on behalf of the people who will not verify you, not give you an award and not nominate you. I dare you to do something positive without expecting an award 🥇. Let’s help these factory workers get their hard earned salaries by signing the PAYUP PETITION HERE.

For up to date details of this petition, check PayUp Updates . 

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18 thoughts on “Please sign the PAYUP PETITION”

  1. Wow, what a great petition to fight for the rights! I am going to share and sign this! So important!

  2. blair villanueva

    This is why I think twice in buying brand new clothes. There’s a lot of hard work in making clothes, and then companies just paying workers cheap.

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