Pinatex organizer bag from Blush Handbags

Pinatex Organizer bag

What is Pinatex? This is a natural textile made of pineapple leaf fibers. It’s ethically sourced and a perfect sustainable alternative to leather. I learned about Pinatex textile in 2019. Before that, I had no idea you could make textile from pineapple leaf. A little over a year later, I now own a pinatex organizer bag from Blush handbags

Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration with Blush Handbags. The opinion expressed here are my own after using the items. I will never recommend a product that I haven’t genuinely loved because I am discouraging overconsumption and encouraging conscious consumerism.

Blush handbags is a small independent slow fashion brand from Slovenia that believes in creating items that are meant to last for long. Their beautiful handbags are designed to live beyond the season. They craft the products with the help of local craftsmen where they seek help with small details and can monitor the well-being of everyone working on your favorite piece.

Have you ever thought about supporting small businesses? I would highly recommend adding Blush Handbags to your list. Besides being a small shop on, they believe in zero-waste design and pays attention to the amount of material they use. 

I understand how plastic packaging is deadly to our environment that’s why I always pay attention to how my products are packaged. My gifts came in a reusable, plant based, biodegradable and non-toxic bag. 

Pinatex organizer bag from Blush Handbags

You can also use the organizer bag as a clutch bag or laptop bag. It has different pockets inside that can hold a few items and a notebook. 

Pinatex organizer bag from Blush Handbags
Pinatex organizer bag from Blush Handbags

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Thank you for always reading. If you’re already into sustainable fashion, let’s keep spreading awareness. If you’re not yet familiar with sustainable fashion, I would love to give you a little challenge that will save you a lot of money and might just be your tipping point. Read What is Fast Fashion? and 5 steps towards sustainable fashion on a budget.

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15 thoughts on “Pinatex Organizer bag”

  1. I like the different small pockets it has on the inside! I have always been a fan of purses that help keep you organized.

    1. We offer international shipping, so feel free browsing our Etsy shop and ordering your favorite item to Philippines. We currently offer the Pinatex collection at reduced prices.
      Kind regards,

  2. I love using organizer bags especially when I can place all the things I needed for work. This is the first time I’ve heard about this brand and it looks very stylish too!

  3. I especially love those little pockets for storing all sorts of things. I tend to have things just laying in the bottom of my laptop case. This would be a nice and functional option for me.

  4. I love purses that keep you organized. I have wasted too much time trying to find things in my purse. I ultimately stopped carrying one, but I miss it sometimes.

  5. This is a very interesting material for bags. I began my sustainable fashion journey two months ago. I am now on the `sorting out phase` I will read more about pintex and order myself one when shopping. Do you know if they deliver to the US and if the deliverycost is too high?

    1. Belinda Smetana

      Congratulations on the journey. I’m not so sure about the exact cost of delivery but feel free to check them out on etsy.

  6. What a truly creative idea. I am allergic to pineapples but I don’t think this bag would affect me in any way. It’s so beautiful and I love the color too. I am always for more sustainable options.

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