Hello again sustainable fashion lovers. I have put together a list of must watch conscious fashion documentaries you can have a look at. Most people who recently started their conscious fashion journey will agree with me that one or two of these documentaries helped jump start their journey. 

Luxury: Behind the mirror of high end fashion.

This is a free ethical fashion documentary by DWTV that touches on high end fashion and focuses on where their leather and fur are sources. Watch it below.


This is a documentary that discuses several aspects of the garment industry. I first watched while still lost in the fast fashion world. This was a trigger for me to begin my research on the fashion industry in general.

River Blue

This documentary brings awareness to the destruction of some of the most important rivers in the world through the manufacturing of our clothes. It is available on This film takes us around the world to these countries showing us the outcomes of the factories dumping their toxic chemicals and dyes into rivers and how it affects us.

‘UDITA’ (Arise)

This is a documentary by Rainbow Collective that follows the lives of female Bangladeshi workers as they organise into a union and fight for their rights. You can watch this here

The Next Black 

This is a documentary film that explores the future of clothing. It brings together designers, innovators and leaders from around the world for an open discussion on the concept of clothing. You can watch it by clicking play below.

Did I leave any important documentary of film out?  If I did, please add it in the comment box below and I will update this post.
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