Kudu Safari Camp Tsavo

If you are in pursuit for the best of the best when it comes to luxury safaris, then Kudu Safari Camp Tsavo would be a good place to explore. The area has also been renowned for sightings of wild animals coming to drink water at the Galana River so keep distance and your camera ready for some stunning shots.

Arrival experience

We arrived at the camp to warm greetings from Mr. Tiziano and his exceptional staff. We travelled with their sales director Mrs. Daniella and when we arrived at the camp, all the staff and Daniella went running towards each other for a long, warm, and genuine hug as if it was a reunion of  close family members who hadn’t seen each other for a long time. This gave me the feeling that the staff were treated as family and not just as some random employees.  I have never received such a warm and homey arrival experience in any hotel around the world (I have stayed in hundreds of hotels in every continent except South America). 

The Rooms

Your suite will be a tented structure situated on an elevated ground overlooking Galana River which flows through the land and further down into Tsavo National Park. I found the room decoration to be a perfect mix of luxury and a piece of the wild. Almost everything in the room is locally sourced from Kenyan artisans.  My favourite was the wooded fan made from recycled wood. 

While admiring the gorgeous bathroom design, I noticed the colourful Kikoy bathrobes that were elegantly hanged in our shower space.

Keeping sustainability in mind, Kudu camp does not use sing-se toiletries in their rooms.  

The infinity pool

You will have a lovely luxury infinity pool that is carefully designed not to distract the animals from coming to Galana river for their water. When at the pool, there’s a very high chance that you’ll see one or two wild animals slowly taking their nature strolls while drinking water. I saw an elephant, hippos and a bunch of antelopes. 

Safari Experience

We stayed for two nights at the camp and took an early morning safari into Tsavo East National park. You are advised to leave as early as 6am for your safari because later in the day when it’s too hot, the animals hide in cool places. Kudu camp will provide you with a 4×4 safari Land cruiser and a driver who is experienced in guiding wildlife safaris.

We saw all the animals I call ”The usual one” but only because I was born and raised in Kenya. These animals are: Elephants, Zebras, Antelopes, Hyenas, Giraffes, and Gazelles. Our morning ended with a full show from two lionesses with their cubs chasing down and catching a baby zebra. This action was too fast, entertaining and confusing at the same time because I wasn’t sure if I should be happy that the two lionesses cause a meal for their babies or sad that a Zebra lost her baby.

If you are too lazy to go on a Safari drive and brave enough to come out of your tent, you’ll see almost all the animals coming to the camp at night to eat and drink water at the Galana river. I am not brave at all and hearing the sound of all the animals at night was  thrilling.

What to love about Kudu Camp?

I fell in love with the staff. They were friendly, very fast at their service and kind not only to guests but also towards each other. Something very unique I noticed from speaking with the staff is that most of them have worked there for so many years because they are treated with respect. Mr. Tiziano(The general manager is strict when it comes to his staff delivering good service but very warm and friendly towards them. Meiyo is the Maasai guard that know so much about wild animals. Mr. Wilson is also a swift and humble Kenyan manager who will make sure you get nothing but the best during your stay.  

The infinity Swimming pool

Another favourite part of my experience at Kudu Camp was the infinity pool. Please take a picture and share with me  if you see an elephant there during your stay. I saw one but didn’t want to run back to my tent for the camera and risk missing this once in a lifetime experience.

Thanks for reading. If you ever visit this place, share your experience with me. You can share via email, comment here, or social media pages below.

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