How to join facebook group as a page

Facebook just had another update and maybe this might be an exciting one for page managers looking to engage in groups using their business profile rather than personal account.

Here are the simple steps to follow:

From NEWS FEED, select GROUPS on the left menu, then enter the name of the group you’re looking for. Select the group then click JOIN GROUP. An option will show up giving you a choice between personal profile or a page you manage. Yup! It’s that easy 🙂



1. I can’t find the group I’m searching for? It might be a secret group. Some groups are set to secret which means you can only be inviting by a member of the group. It is set in a way that it won’t show up in search results. Unfortunately, at the moment, pages can only search for groups and cannot be invited by members so if it’s a secret group, you won’t be able to join as a page.

2. I clicked join so why is it not being approved? Most group admins may not allow you to join as a page because you will be interacting as a business account mostly which is self advertising and is highly discouraged in most groups.

Do you like the new update? Will you join groups as a page you manage? Drop your comment below as usual cause I love reading from you.

To learn more, check out facebook help center on FacebookHelp

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16 thoughts on “How to join facebook group as a page”

  1. Matija Antonić

    This is a nice tutorial, I tend to avoid joining groups as the page I manage because it’s still in the growing phase and I know how I feel when I see pages in the groups, it’s more appealing if there is a face behind a page.

  2. Super helpful! some blogger out there are struggling on how to use their page to join Facebook groups and this tips here just make it more easy for us all!

  3. If someone asks to join a closed group that requires you to answer questions, but they so not answer the questons – how do you let them know to answer?

    1. The only way to remind them to answer is by sending them a private message. Facebook also sends the reminder to the person automatically after a few days.

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