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Are you planning on settling in Czech Republic soon? I have been here for more than five years now and I have some information that might help you settle in smoothly. If you’ve been here longer than me and feel like I’ve left out some useful information, please leave a comment below because your help will be much appreciated by many. If you have any questions, you can leave them below and either me or some good samaritan with more tips will answer.

Czech Republic is one of the fastest growing countries in Central Europe. Here are some very useful tips to help you settle in smoothly. If you prefer watching, I have a youtube video below.

Know your map

Czech Republic is in Central Europe not East Europe.  Czech people including foreigners who’ve lived here for a long time get offended when you say Czech Republic is an Eastern European country.

Learn some basic Czech but you’ll be fine without the language

When I say basics, I mean hello, goodbye, how much, where is, help please, and do you speak English. Most young people in Czech Republic especially Prague speak English and are happy to help in case you need directions. In Prague 6 out of 10 times you’ll be speaking to a foreigner who speaks fluent English.

Join Foreigners support groups on facebook

I have listed the groups below so you can pick one or more depending on your needs. Please keep in mind that these are groups with very strict rules and unless it’s specifically for advertisements, they discourage adverts.

  • You can literally ask anything on praguexpats
  • Wondering where to stay and how to find a place to stay? Join PragueAccommodation. you’ll find people looking for roommates, flat share, flats for rent, and anything related to flats.
  • Do you want to meet up with other foreigners? Join a networking and social group for Czechs and foreigners living in Prague on Prague meetups.You’ll find meet ups; going out; sports; jobs; etc….
  • Foreigner and Czech girls meet-ups on GGIPrague
  • This group is designed to help women in Prague ask and discuss important questions Expat women in Prague
  • If you’re looking for side jobs like cleaning and babysitting or you’re looking for cleaning and babysitting services, join Cleaningprague
  • For current and aspiring expat property owners to talk to each other about issues that effect those of us in the game, such as mortgages, property tax, neighbour issues, buying, selling, where to get the best building materials, labour, etc. Czech Expats property owners group
  • If you want to buy or sell anything, join Prague – Buy Sell Trade – OFFICIAL GROUP or Buy sell trade stuff
  • IKEA bazar PRAHA 
  • If you’re a parent looking to settle in with your kids who don’t speak Czech, I understand that you need that smith transition so join Bumps & Baby Tots Prague 

Will you be able to find a job with zero Czech language knowledge?

I can assure you that you will find jobs that don’t require Czech language. I have worked with people who didn’t speak a single Czech word. Try looking for jobs on Jobs for foreigners and multilingualjobsinprague. Here, you’re allowed to offer/request job positions/services. Please remember to be professional and respectful.

Another great source for job search is Here, company advertise so many positions for English, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, French, and more languages.


My honest opinion is that you need to find a czech speaker to help you if you’re going to any official office. They have been very friendly and helpful to me the few times I went there by myself but I hear some unfriendly stories. Please have a translator with you. 

Buy Seasonal public transport ticket not daily

Seasonal public transport is so affordable here. Depending on how long you’re here, I would recommend buying monthly, or yearly tickets cause it’s more affordable compared to daily tickets.

Life is simple here

People love to live a simple and slower life here. They value things like walks in the nature, time with family, travels more than just owning meaningful stuff so don’t be shocked by the simple life here.

Travel outside Prague

Take trips outside Prague. Prague is so beautiful but there are so many beautiful places outside Prague.


They value their traditions and you need to respect that. 


Don’t take it personal if you see someone being grumpy. It has nothing to do with you. Czechs are generally grumpy but compared to other slavic speaking countries, I find them the friendliest.

I wish you well and feel free to ask questions or drop some more tips. Let’s connect on social media pages below

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