Beauty: Zuri Beauty Lounge

We know Chic goes hand in hand with beauty. I have been on the hunt for top Chic beauty salons whenever I travel and my visit to Zuri in Dubai caught my attention. Don’t you just love the colour and style?

Location: It’s located on Jumeirah Beach Road, opposite Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai. Parking was available with no hustle. I saw a bus stop a few metres from the mall so I’m sure it’s easily accessible via public transport as well. 

Highlights and Lows: My favourite part was the service. They have really professional and friendly staff who are happy to help. I also loved the interior decoration which gave me a very calm vibe. I don’t have any lows here except some really good memories. This will be my salon whenever I’m making my stops in Dubai.

FYI : They do home or hotel services. You can check out their services on

What with my screaming nail colour? In summer I go all out when it comes to playing with colours. I got this to complement my dark skin tone and to add that summer feeling 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Beauty: Zuri Beauty Lounge”

  1. Geraline Batarra

    Wow, this manicure salon is so fab..! I would really want to visit and have a mani and pedi here one of these days.

  2. Oh girl! Keep up the fun! Those nails are goals…
    Anyway, when it comes to beauty parlors, I’m very keen with the colors and whole decor since it must scream of cleanliness. Just like Zuri!

  3. This place looks gorgeous and it sounds like you get wonderful treatment there! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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