List of sustainable fashion brands with a purpose

List of Sustainable Fashion Brands With a Purpose

What if you knew you had the ability to POSITIVELY change at least one life through the next thing you decide to purchase? People generally don’t want to support companies that oppress their workers. This happens because people don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. On this post, we won’t focus on the negative. Instead, I’ll share a list of sustainable fashion brands with a purpose in hopes that one or two of these brands will become your favourite.

Have you noticed that conscious brands are often unknown? This is because these brands prefer to spend that extra money on making their workers’ life better than spend it on buying advertisement space on billboards and TV.

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The brands listed below are either affiliated with organizations that support human rights, provide a source of income for the less privileged and actually makes extra effort to find to make sure that the workers they employ have a better life. They are the brands that will show you the lives of how you are changing people’s lives by making a simple purchase decision.

1.Kipepeo Clothing

Kipepeo is a manufacturer of organic kids, adults and babywear based in Tanzania and Kenya with all their designed created during class lessons. The proceeds is used for school fees, stationery, and building new school buildings.

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I also discovered an interesting documentary on Kipepeo goes to Kenya where Martin and Sam from Kipepeo-Clothing went on a special journey – Hitchhiking from Stuttgart to Kenya. Watch their journey below.


This pandemic has shone a bright light to the fact that you can have a home today and become homeless the next minute not because you’re lazy but because of a financial set-back that is beyond your control.

Sheltersuit designs and manufacture  multifunctional products that provide immediate shelter for people experiencing homelessness. These products are distributed through NGO’s.

Sheltersuit was founded by Bas Timmer. They create employment opportunities for refugees and former homeless individuals. 

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You can contribute by:

  1. Donating your used sleeping bag. 
  2. Donating money which can be translated to buying a product for someone going through homelessness.
  3. Join the sleepout campaign. 

Chamani is a purpose driven luxury clothing brand which supports marginalised women through timeless fashion pieces. I found out about this brand while in a room on clubhouse with the amazing founder Chamani Weera.  Chamani is an ethical and sustainable fashion designer born in Sri-Lanka. She passionately explained how her brand supports refugees and immigrant women in Australia, women from extreme poverty in India and artisans around the world to preserve their ancient techniques in textile production. 


Lemlem is a collection launched by an Ethiopian supermodel, actress, designer and maternal health advocate Liya Kebede. The collection is handwoven from natural cotton by artisans in Ethiopia.

Lemlem foundation by Lemlem was created in 2006 as a pathway out of poverty for women artisans in Africa through programs that promote better access to healthcare, job opportunities and responsible production. You can donate to the foundation on Lemlem foundation donations.

5.Dear Frances

Dear Frances offers luxury designer classics handmade using old-age techniques. Their aim is to slow fashion down by offering long-lasting  pieces that are made with high level of design and craftsmanship.

They have a partnership with where every pair of shoes you buy provides a pair for a person in need.


Mifuko was founded by Mari Martikainen and Minna Impiö. Both founders are driven by making positive change through their design.

Whatever you decide to purchase from Mifuko will positively impact a woman artisan.

I was drawn to this brand because of their initiative called MIFUKO TRUST. Founded in 2012, Mifuko trust works with women self help groups in rural region of Machakos Kenya. Their first project took place in kibera where I was born and spent my early childhood. Read more about Mifuko trust on Mifuko-trust.

I will be updating this list every three months. If you have a favourite sustainable fashion brand with a purpose that you would like me to add, let me know in the comment box below and I’ll definitely do a background check and add them to the list. 

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