5 steps towards sustainable fashion on a budget

If you’re trying to make more sustainable fashion choices on a budget, I’ve posted this to steer and motivate you towards that direction. Times are tough now and you might think it’s impossible to make environmental friendly changes in your closet, that’s why I came up with the 5 Steps towards Sustainable Fashion on a budget.

I have also created a video on my new YouTube channel for the ones who aren’t big on reading.

  1. Define your style – Do you tend to go for sophisticated items, are you drawn towards boho, chic, comfy or artsy? Defining your style doesn’t mean you have to conform into one style only. You can be a combination of two or more styles. You want to define your style  because this will give you some points of reference to focus on while shopping. In the digital world where you get to see what someone has bought instantly, it’s easy to be sidetracked by someone else’s style.

2. Clean your closet – Defining your style will help you identify the items you no longer need. Cleaning out your closet and setting what you don’t need apart will give you a clear idea of what you need to add to your closet.  

3. Time to SWAP – If you can’t find a swap event near you, create one with your community. As the age old saying goes, “One mans…” umm no need for senile platitudes 😉 I’m sure you catch my drift. What you think is trash can be styled beautifully by another person. So get creative, follow swap accounts if you’re on social media. I’d highly recommend the swap accounts that I’m currently following @swapsociety @the_swapchain @swaprebellion. If you know more, comment below so I can add them to the post.

4. Write what you need after the swap – I understand that chances of you getting everything you need from the swap event are very low. After the swap, get back to your closet and write what you need. You might need to add new white shoes, maybe a black blazer, new pants, note down whatever you need because it would be counter productive to shop blindly again and collect more junk.

5. Buy from second hand stores – When you’re ready to shop, get your new items from second hand stores. I tend to target vintage because they stock very high quality items. Buying from second hand stores/thrift store is sustainable because these stores stock items that would normally end up in landfills. I have been a thrift lover since I was young. I remember going to the market with my sisters to buy very affordable items and mending them. Check out some items I got from a vintage store on Veter Vintage.

If you would like to know why we’re moving to more sustainable fashion choices, read Beginners tips For Living A Sustainable Life

Thanks for checking. Let me know if you have additional suggestions or any questions (I promise to answer as much as I can). I would love to connect with you on my social media handles below. 

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