Top 7 ways to always look Chic

Top 7 ways to always look Chic

Hello chic style lovers. Let me give you the Top 7 ways to always look Chic. I would love it if you could please add more ways because we can all agree that learning never stops.

As a fashion stylist student almost completing my studies. I chose to focus on Chic(pronounced as Sheek) Fashion because I love a nicely polished elegant look. I have a few ways to always look chic but today we will focus on the ones that I consider Top 7 simple ways to always look Chic.

Frequent Wardrobe facelift: This doesn’t mean that you have to break your bank. Simply Identify your wardrobe essentials frequently and only keep outfits that you actually wear. 

Top 7 ways to always look Chic

Learn how to alter your clothes or make friends with a tailor: To look chic, your outfit needs to fit. Those long-crotched office pants in your closet needs to be altered unless it’s the long-crotch fashion trend. Having a tailor by your side can also means buying the oversize clothes at a bargain and resizing them to fit perfectly. 

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Invest in a few high-end fashion finds: Find that one neutral coloured original designer shoe or bag and style it with outfits on different occasions. It’s perfectly normal not to be able to afford every designer item in store. Owning millions of fake designer items is worst than having none or one. Your style doesn’t have to be expensive.             


Know your body shape: Most women get lost by copying other people’s style without considering the difference in body shapes. Please identify your body shape because this will help you shop easily. Don’t lose focus by copying a style worn by someone with completely different body shape.

 Top 7 ways to always look Chic-2 

Pick Staples over Fashion Trends: Just because it hit the runway last night doesn’t mean you must have it. Shop for clothes that will make you feel elegant, sophisticated, and elevated not outfits creaming for onlookers attention. 

Mix your wardrobe: Chic doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favourite distressed jeans. Pair your casual distressed jeans with your beautiful high end pair of heels. The mix of playfulness and seriousness will balance and give you that effortless chic look.

 Top 7 ways to always look Chic

Define your style: Try not to be sucked into the world of trends. Remember, “Style is personal” let Chic Fashion Stylist help you find your style by contacting us.

Don’t forget to drop your comment below if you have more tips to add.

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