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My name is Belinda. A Sustainable Fashion Advocate who constantly encourages others to join slow fashion through living by example.

In November 2019, After watching THE UGLY TRUTH OF FAST FASHION by Hasan Minhaj and THE TRUE COST a documentary about the clothes we wear, I started doing my research on fast fashion industry which led me to doing further research on the negative environmental impact of Fashion and Travel industry. I have gained some insight but still learning a lot. 

I use this  platform to encourage others to move to sustainable fashion by sharing my journey. My aim is to show that it’s okay to take baby steps and to share HOW to take these steps because no one adopts a fully sustainable lifestyle overnight.

This is a safe home for anyone who loves tasteful style, enjoys travel, loves taking care of their mind, body & soul and would like to do so with less negative impact to the environment and its habitat.

I am constantly educating myself on the importance of sustainability and human rights in travel and fashion industry so if you have any learning resources and sources, please contact me on

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I love working with brands and creating valuable high-quality content. Since making this switch to sustainability, I am now strictly collaborating with brands that focus on sustainability and innovation. I will never recommend a brand, service or product if I have never tried it and don’t like it. 

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